1 bedroom

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Apartment SS31, fl. 7

Type: Two-room apartment

Total area, m2: 122.97

View: south, east

Entrance: San Stefano

Status: rented-out

This apartment is currently rented out. Type: Two-room apartment Total area, m2: 122.97 Layout: 1 bedroom, 1 toilet and bathroom Built-up area,m2: 98.4 View: south, east .st0{fill-rule:evenodd;clip-rule:evenodd;} Common/notional parts: 24.57 A modern two-room apartment located at “San Stefano” entrance in San Stefano Plaza Residential Complex. The interior design is custom-made by a prominent Bulgarian designer, creating a sense of coziness and comfort using expertly assembled colors: beige, brown and graphite grey. Both the bedroom and the living room have access to a large terrace with fantastic views over Vitosha Mountain, Borisova Gradina Park and Stara Planina Mountain. It is a perfect place to have your morning coffee or an evening glass of whiskey in good company under the stars. Other notable benefits include: a wide entry/hallway and a stylish walk-in closet. Distribution +